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Mozy credit card change annoyance

My credit card having been changed, Mozy contacted me to change the card on file, which I did. A few days later I get an "account suspended" message, so I changed it again. Now the home screen is giving me two contradictory messages, as you can see in the enclosed screenshot.

Contacting customer support yields yet more annoyances: opening a support ticket, it is impossible to add file attachments. And it seems impossible to track the ticket by email: the email sent to me is from "MISSING my@email.address", and contains the text:

When replying please ensure that: Your subject line includes the [ref] number, you respond from the same email address to avoid rejection, and only issues related to this case are sent to our Support Team"

Yet the reply-to address is... my own address.

As usual, it is not only with

As usual, it is not only with mozy, everybody is same. I lost my credit card once and I know what I had to tolerate.

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I do have this issue. I got a

I do have this issue. I got a message to change the password of my Mozy Credit Card and once I changed it I was not able to log in to my account. I hope this issue can be sorted out soon. Keep updating. Thanks.