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Sending HTML emails using simplenews on Drupal 6

- download and enable simplenews and mimemail
- admin/settings/simplenews/newsletter: set format to HTML and save
- go to node/add/simplenews, and make sure Wysiwyg is disabled (click on Deactivate rich text, for example)
- paste full HTML in the body section, and send your email. (Actually creating good HTML is outside the scope of this tutorial!)
- you might have to run cron on your site for the mail to be sent.

VoilĂ !

You might also want to look at to generate the HTML code.

Google has recently resalee a

Google has recently resalee a free program for uses like this. The program is google sites and you can find it under the google web page or search for google sites. It requires no HTML and is very easily set up. Its all pre-existing code that gives you options to color and pre set layouts.

The Video Filter module is

The Video Filter module is excellent for inserting remotely hosted video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) into the body content via the WYSIWYG toolbar. You can set the dimensions of the video and the alignment.