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For Drupal/dcycle theme developers: pulling new changes to a site

If you are theming a Drupal 7 site using the dCycle workflow, and a colleague has updated features (for example, added a new view, content type, etc.), here's how to theme it:

  • In terminal, navigate to your sites/*/modules folder for your site: for example cd /path/to/your/drupal/site/sites/
  • Check git status. If your directory is not clean, commit your latest changes, for example
    git add .
    git commit -a -m 'my latest changes'
  • Pull changes from the remote server: git pull origin master
  • Rune the update script: drush updatedb
  • Go to your local development site and update your feature(s): admin/structure/features, then click on needs review or "overridden". Check all checkboxes and save. Repeat this step if necessary (it may keep saying overridden even after several attempts, but it may still work).
  • If a new content type has been created, you may want to use devel_generate to create dummy content for theming purposes.