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Installing Gobby 0.5 on Mac OS (via Ubuntu on VirtualBox)

Gobby is a tool which allows teams to edit the same document simultaneously in real time. We use it at Koumbit during some meetings; and when we quickly need to produce a document without going through the normal revision procedures.

As of this writing Gobby 0.5 is not available directly on mac OS X (The MacPorts installation guide here gives me Gobby 0.4, which is incompatible with Gobby 0.5). We will therefore install a Ubuntu virtual machine with Gobby on it. Set aside about an hour or two for the whole process.

  • First, set up your Ubuntu virtual machine following these instructions:
  • The Gobby installation page has a section on Ubuntu, but I changed the command slightly for it to work for me. Here's how I installed Gobby on Ubuntu: Go to the terminal application inside Ubuntu and type in: sudo apt-get install gobby-infinote
  • At this point you will have a really tiny screen in your virtual machine. To increase the screen size, you will have to install something called "guest additions"; follow the instructions here

Gobby is now installed on your Ubuntu virtual machine inside Mac OS X.